Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Under MFIPPA, (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) library patrons have the right to access their own personal information, subject to very limited exemptions. An example of one of the exceptions to access is when the information in question is a research or statistical record.

Children have the same privacy and access rights as adults, except that section 54(c) of MFIPPA provides that a person who has lawful custody of the individual may exercise the rights of access of an individual less than 16 years of age. Accordingly, if a child under 16 would be entitled to access the information, so would his or her custodial parent.

Gifts and Donations

Gifts of books and other material are accepted on the understanding that the library has unconditional ownership of the gifts and that such material, including private collections, can be integrated with the library collection. Any donated items that cannot be used may be disposed of by the library. The library is not responsible for informing the donor of such disposition.

If a tax receipt is required, it is the responsibility of the donor to have the items independently valued. All costs will be assumed by the donor.

Tax receipts for monetary donations will be issued on request.

Circulation Policy

Borrowing period
Books are due back within 3 weeks.
DVDs and Blu-ray are due back within 1 week.
Magazines and periodicals are due back within 1 week.

Late books, audiobooks and magazines are fined 50¢ per day, to a maximum of $5 per item.
Late DVDs and Blu-ray are fined $1 per day, to a maxiumum of $10 per item.
To view our detailed Circulation Policy, please follow the link below.


Room Rental Policy

General Conditions:

The meeting room may be used by responsible individuals or groups for the purpose of lectures, discussions or entertainment having public, civic or educational values. All bookings must be made through library staff.

The meeting room and library facilities may be used during regular library hours. Under special circumstances, subject to Board approval, the Library facilities could be used outside normal hours provided that staff or a Board Volunteer is available. Library staff will be responsible for security when the meeting room is used.

No smoking is permitted.

The total occupancy shall not exceed 25.

The Library Board will not be responsible for personal injury or damage, loss or theft of any items.

The group or individual using the meeting room shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the event.

A charge will be levied against a group or individual that does not leave the room clean.

The Librarian and Board reserve the right to refuse or revoke any request for the meeting room. Twenty-four hour notice must be given to library staff if a booking is canceled, otherwise the rental fee will be imposed.

Planned library events will take priority over rental of room.

Should a request be made for an alternate time the request would have to be presented to the board.

Room rental charge is $10.00 per hour plus HST.